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Rediscover Your Home

Do you feel overwhelmed? Taking the first step is a struggle? 
Take it together with me: 
  • Establish organizing routines that work for your needs
  • Experience the feeling of achievement and calmness
  • Become motivated and energized

I have a master degree in engineering and an MBA, with years of experience in Tech. Why did I changed my path?  I built and designed two warm functional homes. People loved my creation and many asked for help with their homes. The mission chose me! The mission is to make your house " feel like home". An unorganized home equals stress. I realized that what matters to me most is the well-being of people, life skills and the environment.

As part of my efforts, I was also a speaker at a TEDx in 2018 about financial awareness, to help people take charge of their lives.


Helping people is challenging - I learned to be a great listener, build long lasting trust, have endless patience and be a problem solver.

Often, people are overwhelmed. This is why they don't take action, which keeps them unhappy. I'm your trigger to action, and this is what counts!


To sustain my well-being, I have versatile interests, of which my favorites are spending time with my husband and 3 children, play tennis and explore cultures through wine and travel.


Sincerely, Hagit

Hagit Koren

About Me

Your home is a reflection of your mind

At Your Service

People ask me often "what is home organizing?" The professional organizing services provided are divided into four main categories. Under each category there are more details to help. I'm proud to be serving families in California: San Jose, South Bay area and the Peninsula. It is a unique area with millions of people from around the globe. The Bay area is extremely dynamic: many moving in and out and increasing population. It is also a very demanding area where stress is one of the highest in the world. That's why decluttering homes to organize minds has high priority.  Each service is tailored to satisfy the goals of each person. We are all different and everyone is unique.


Appreciation For My Work

"Hagit was very punctual and very quick in responding. Very good and hardworking organizer. She knows how to balance between her suggestions and respects of the client’s wishes. I will definitely ask her to help me with future projects."

- Phuong N., Sunnyvale,CA


My partners

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